Automation of Twitter

Twitter Automation

Building your social media presence is important, but social media can be a massive time sink with little returns in the short term. To begin building your social media it is sensible to either schedule tweets or just fully automate.

There are some very effective tools for doing this. For example Microsoft Workflow is excellent and I have made a short tutorial below for setting up RSS feeds to auto tweet.

I recommend being selective with what you retweet. Avoid user created content (retweeting a hashtag). Instead you are best retweeting news sources and other trusted sources. You need to maintain control over what is being tweeted out and if someone decides to spam the hashtag you retweet automatically with inappropriate content then it will be retweeted.

I’m going to produce a series of tutorials on automation of social media and I will keep developing this blog. If you have any questions or any form of social media automation you would like a tutorial for please leave a comment.