Welcome to WordPress

Once you logged into your WordPress site you will be greeted by the WordPress dashboard.

Getting started:

There are a number of key sections you will want to initial engage with to get started with building your website.

Installing Plugins

The open source plugin architecture enables you to expand the functionality of your website. This enables you to customise your website for your needs. It is worth exploring the range of plugins available as some plugins have to be bought while you can often find free plugins that will enable you to add the same function.

Once you have located a plugin you want just click install and once install you need to then set it to active under the plugin manager. We recommend the following plugins:


This plugin allows you to construct a online store.

Contact Form 7

This plugin simply allows you to produce contact forms so your email address is not publicly visible.


This plugin enables you to build web pages using the drag and drop tools. Making web design quick and user friendly.


Storage plugin for Contact Form 7. Simple makes messages sent to you through a contact form viewable from the Word Press dashboard.