Refurbished Equipment

Considering the consequences of the information society and the short life cycle of modern technology it is important that we recycle and reuse IT equipment. We offer a service where we will take E-waste, from computers to networking equipment, and aim to refurbish or reuse components to provide affordable computers and Laptops.  Any equipment that cannot be reused will be disposed of in accordance with European and UK environmental legislation. If you are interested please contact us using the form below. We are currently have a limited capacity for processing e-waste.

Why We Refurbish

By refurbishing equipment we can reuse still functioning IT components. These in turn can be used to build new systems. While some parts are best not reused (Power Supply Units and Hard Drives), CPUs, RAM, and GPUs can all potentially be salvaged and combined to create new systems.

Our Guaruntee

We offer a guarantee of two years warranty with free repair on any faults that develop (not including accidental damage). All devices sold will have been stress tested and made sure they are suitable for sale.