As well as repairing broken deives we also accept E-waste. All hard drives and internal storage is securely destroyed. We aim to refurbish IT equipment if possible. Otherwise we extract the useful components and recycle unusable material. The refurbished equipment will be available to buy through our shop when available with a two year warranty.

Environmental Impact

In 2016 the global output of e-waste was 44.7 million metric tonnes with only about 20% being recycled. E-waste is a growing environmental problem for multiple reasons from more people becoming part of the information society to devices (computers, laptops, and smart phones) having shorter and shorter replacement cycles.

E-waste has significant impacts both to the environment and to human health. Electronics include trace amounts of valuable metals so the E-waste exported to the developing world are often dangerously burnt to collect the valuable material releasing toxic metal pollution into the environment.

E-Waste Recycling