Social Media Strategy

Having a strong social media presence is more important than ever before and we offer consultation services to improve reach to your target audience, encourage engagement with your content, and building your digital presence, while at the same time giving you the tools to more efficiently use social media platforms successfully. Social media consultancy from Phoenix Tech will help your business grow and your customers connect with your services.

Social Media Consultancy

Social media has seen continued growth

Social media has massively grown in use across all age groups with Ofcom finding in 2017 that 76% of UK adults use some form of social media. Social media has become ubiquitous in our lives.

Social media provides a vital method to engage with your customers, relevant online communities, and boost sales. In contrast to traditional media the Internet has fragmented media consumption and competition for user attention means you need to create an attractive web presence to get users to follow and engage with you and your business.

Our Services

We provide social media consultancy tailored to your business size and current social media situation.

Start ups/Small Businesses
  • Guiding your initial set up to maximise reach to your target audience.
  • A social media strategy to develop brand awareness
  • On going support to fine tune the strategy
Social media for established Businesses
  • Analysing social media analytics
  • Develop a social media strategy to boost engagement and brand awareness
  • On going support to evaluate strategy

Premium social media support

  • Analysing social media analytics
  • Developing a social media strategy to boost engagement and awareness
  • On going support to evaluate strategy
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