System Monitoring: October updates

Welcome to our new monthly update series ‘System Monitoring’. Moving forward we will be keeping a monthly updates to keep you informed of changes to our services, any interesting developments and long term plans.

Server news:

Over the last month we have continued to improve our email server. On going changes to our set up means that email from our server is more widely being accepted by other servers rather than filtered or blocked by spam filters. This is just a process that all new email providers have to go through due to spam being such a prevalent issue. 14.5 billion spam emails are sent globally each day (45% of all emails).

Website updates:

I am pleased to say that this website will be seeing a major overhaul in the next week. We built most of the original site as placeholders to be updated later. There was also a range of plugins used to develop our website which has impacted on loading times. The new site resolves these issues. For example the loading time of the current site is around 8 seconds while the new site loads in 2 seconds. Loading time is a factor that impacts SEO [Search engine Optimisation].

Social media:

Our social media has been largely automated. With this development you can receive the latest news on tech and cybersecurity by following us on Twitter and Facebook.

This enables us to keep our content up to date and interesting. If you have any suggestions of other tech news from other sources you think we should be posting please leave a comment.

Ongoing long term projects:


Thanks to the recent Tevi Circular Economy Summit we found potential industry connections. This means that plastic waste from recycling laptops and desktops can be recycled and reused by other companies in Cornwall, while at the same time finding sources for IT e-waste.

However, to fully develop this aspect of the business we are depending on finding a industrial unit to operate from. A target for once we have sustained income from web design and hosting. While we grow the company to that point we will continue to build connections so we will be able to start e-waste recycling quickly when we have a suitable location. 

Cloud storage:

We have been developing our cloud storage platform along with productivity tools. This is a resource both myself and Josh have been testing and we plan to roll this service out at some point next year.

Make sure to follow us for more information about this service.

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