System Monitoring: Clobber Creations, SEO, and email spam

System Monitoring: Clobber Creations, SEO, and email spam

I’m writing this System Monitoring post much later than I planned, but hopefully you enjoy our new website redesign. Once again we have had a busy month. Along with our own website redesign, I have been busy redesigning the Clobber Creations website.

Clobber Creations

Originally started as a free WordPress blog in 2016, it was migrated over to our service in July. I started by deal with some of the quirks of the blog, that were hangovers from the free blog limitations, some redesign was needed. Eventually turning into a complete redesign job. Blog categories were simplified and static pages created so users can easily find content directly of interest, for example machine embroidery. I will have to write up a Website Showcase post as I’m very pleased with the final result.

Clobber Creations
The Lane Gallery Truro

Ongoing SEO work

SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] has been put in place for the majority of our clients. I find SEO to be very rewarding work, both for myself and the client.  A good SEO strategy is the most cost-effective marketing strategies. Essentially because you are getting an audience of people directly interested in your service or product finding your website. However, the changes I make can take a while to impact search results. For example, a google image search for The Lane Gallery in Truro  has the top images from this blog post advertising the gallery. The blog is written by an artist that exhibited work at the gallery in 2009. This will change over time as the SEO changes for the new website are recognised by search engines.

Spam Spam Spam

We have continued to improve our email service. I deployed a new anti-spam filter. This seems far more effective but as I mentioned in the last System Monitoring post, 45% of all email sent globally is spam. Worth remembering if you receive a lot of spam then it is worth checking to see if your email address has been compromised. You can see if your details have been leaked in major security breaches here.

On going long term projects

Twitter Automation

E-waste: Refurbished laptops

I have been looking into ways of increasing the usable life span of the laptops we receive. If the laptop still functions but the operating system is extremely slow then a fresh install can speed things up. However, Windows has a lot of features that can impact performance on older machines. Instead, I have been considering Linux based solutions. Ubuntu appears promising as it is easy to use and can be customised to resemble operating systems people may be more familiar with. Linux does have a bit of a learning curve, but if you just need a laptop to stream videos or use Facebook then it should be fine. 


The SMCAS [Social Media Consultancy Automation Service] project is in the early stages of development. I have been motivated to create a product to help automate social media, starting with Twitter, as I have found other tools currently on the market as lacking. Don’t worry SMCAS will eventually get a catchy name.


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