Improving Internet Speed

Improving Internet Speed

Adventures in improving Internet speeds

This is going to become a regular series. Firstly, this gives me the opportunity to share my experience and the steps I had to go through to resolve them. Secondly, there is also the opportunity to produce videos addressing over common errors made in setting up home networks.

My personal Internet connection averages at around 1.8mbps download and 0.4mbps upload. This is unacceptable and is caused by poor planning by Wainhomes. Essentially the problem here is that they have simple expanded the existing copper wiring of the network. While this is fine for phone lines it is awful news for broadband. In addition, this problem is getting worse as the housing development continues to expand.

Well done Wainhomes you cut costs and angered your customers.

My local community is slowly organising to put pressure on Openreach and Wainhomes to deal with the issue. We will have to wait to see which avenue will be successful, but I cannot imagine that this situation will be dealt with swiftly.

I will also be covering any interesting changes to the UK Internet situation. For example advertising laws having to be updated to give a more realistic expectation to consumers. Still very misleading in areas suffering from slow Internet, as all it has meant is that the advertised speeds for my area have been reduced from 17mbps to 11mbps, when in reality you would be lucky to get 2mbps.

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