Clobber Creations

Clobber Creations

I’m pleased to announce that the new website design for Clobber Creations is complete. I previously mentioned this turned into a rather interesting job. The website was originally a free blog and was migrated to our services very early. Chloe was kind enough to put up with the initial teething issues and gave valuable feedback to improve our user interface. I have been redesigning her website and dealing with some odd issues that emerged from the free blog migration. For example, blog posts only showed up in her blog if they were also uncategorised. Odd, but updating 69 blog posts to remove it once fixed was a pain.

Easy to navigate structure

A key feature that was a requirement was the website needed to be easy to navigate. This was done by simply repairing the blog category system and cleaning up the categories. I have also produced static pages to make linking to relevant blog posts easy for the user. All categories are linked through the three static pages: Handmade clothes, Home and Accessories, and Machine Embroidery.

Clobber Creations Navigation
Clobber Creations Molly Dress

SEO improvements

SEO [Search Engine Optimisation] is important as it enables people to easily find your website. It is the best form of digital marketing, as potential customers find your online store from a search engine rather than getting targeted adverts.

Good SEO can significantly boost the chances of finding content that you put online. For example, the pattern review of the Molly Dress appears in the first page of the Google search results for ‘Molly Dress Pattern Review’.

We include SEO set up as part of our web design service.

Online Store

A requirement for the Clobber Creations website was an online store. Previously, she had used Etsy to sell products, and still is until current listings run out. An issue with depending on a third party website to sell products is that you are dependent on their algorithm. Changes to the algorithm can result in a success found on a website like Etsy can be destroyed without warning.

Currently, the online store is set up but only contains a free PDF pattern. I will be updating the store over the next few weeks.

In summary:

I’m very happy with how this website turned out. Redesigning the existing website from the blog design to a modern website design was an interesting challenge. In some ways creating the structure of the website is easier when you have content to work with. However, I had to correct issues with the blog post issues and sort out the SEO on the 69 blog posts. Time consuming but rewarding work.

Definitely recommend checking out the Clobber Creations Website.

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