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Welcome! Here at Phoenix Tech Solutions we are a small Cornwall based team…


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Videos on communication online to tech projects.

Dr Phillip Passmore


I am an expert in online communication. I completed a PhD in politics which explored the consequences of the Internet on the communication of climate change. This focused on how social media and viral communication has changed how we engagement with information.

I have long had a passion for information technology and deep concerns about the disposable nature of modern technology. I advocate for the right to repair and refurbishment of old systems to extend the useful lifespan of consumer electronics.

Josh Hood


I have had a passion for computing my whole life and in recent years that has taken the form of a fascination with digital infrastructure and systems administration. That is why I recently become a CompTIA Certified Secure Infrastructure Specialist, and am currently studying for my next level of qualification in the field of Cyber Security.

I believe the principles of good computing to be more needed than ever, and that need will only grow. As we become an ever more technologically integrated society the culture we practice with our tech becomes both more important and more rewarding.